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Recently Moved To Sd, Looking For Couples To Hang Out
Category posted in Fun
Posted by: gopi90
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  gopi90 wrote on 2019-09-14 16:27:30
Hi All,

We are a married couple, moved to San Diego a couple of months ago. Given we are new to the area we are looking for folks to hang out with.

Please let us know, we are in the mira mesa area.

- Gopi & Shruthika

  Skumar85 wrote on 2019-10-15 13:46:17

Would you like to hang out with us as we are also looking for the same.

Kavita & Shishir

  Prik1030 wrote on 2019-10-18 00:32:06
Hi Guys
Me n my husband would like to meet up
V live in Casa Mira View
U guys can reach us at

  gopi90 wrote on 2019-10-18 15:41:43
Hi Kavita & Shishir - Please share your email, I will drop a note.

@prik1030 - Awesome, we live in CMV too, small world. Sent you a note.

  Skumar85 wrote on 2019-10-18 21:49:57
Hi Gopi & Shruthika,
We live in Maya Linda Apartmet. My email is

  aksdblr wrote on 2019-10-20 03:31:28
Hello, we live in Costa Verde apts in UTC area. We would love to hang out with you all sometime. My email is

Keshav and Anagha

  gopi90 wrote on 2019-11-10 13:34:29
Just wanted to check if you guys still want to catch up. We can meet for coffee either this week or next?

  nv2505 wrote on 2019-11-10 22:51:01

We would like to hang out with you guys in SD. Are you guys up for it?


Vidya & Nitai

  saroki2 wrote on 2019-11-27 15:06:07

We are a married couple moved to San Diego last month from Virginia. Looking to make new friends in the area. We are still looking to get an apartment. Any suggestions are also welcome.
My email is

Shyam and Renu

  harshita16 wrote on 2019-12-18 16:49:46

I am Harshita moved to San Diego 3months back, I am here on H4 visa, live in PB looking for friends to hang out with.

  rahul007 wrote on 2020-04-10 14:07:08
Hi all,

Hope everyone is doing great and healthy. We are planning to move to San Diego around mid of next month (May) once the COVID gets settled down. We are coming from Michigan and totally new to the area.

I am married and we speak (Telugu & Hindi) apart from English. Looking for Indian community apartments and to make new friends...

One can email to name apartments or any contacts either to the below post or to our personal email.

Looking forward to chat & meet.

Rahul, Sindhu


  SvSd2014 wrote on 2020-07-12 10:43:05
Hi all,

We too recently moved to San Diego from LA. Looking for good, friendly people to hang out with. We live in Del Mar and would love to socialize safely at some point.

We are a family of 3, my wife and our 8-month old puppy. Let's connect-


  KanakRahul wrote on 2020-09-03 17:07:04
Hi all, we too recently moved to sandiego a couple of months back. We would love to join you all and have a friend circle in this new place. Basically we are telugu, can speak hinds n English too. My husband and I looking forward .


  Neha93 wrote on 2021-06-02 14:40:55
Hi Kanak,

Me and my husband are telugu too and are looking to meet fellow telugu people. let me know if you guys want to catch up.


  Sandiego2021 wrote on 2021-08-18 21:32:24
Hi Everyone,
We are a family of 3 (my wife, i and our 3 year old son). we are also looking to meet friendly folks to hang out and socialize with.. we speak telugu/english.
Drop me an email if you would like to meet up..


  jsm9895 wrote on 2021-09-02 19:49:10
I am 26 yrs old (Female), new to San Diego, looking for a friend circle

  desiaku wrote on 2021-09-03 02:58:44
Hello All,

We are a couple recently married, living in San Diego in Bernardo center drive community. Looking for people to socialize and who can hang out with us. We speak Telugu, drop an email at to catch up.


  jj24 wrote on 2021-09-09 01:53:34
Hi Everyone,

We are a married couple and looking for couples to hang out with.

  anudeep_876 wrote on 2021-09-18 22:09:30

we just moved to casa mira view as well

  thatindiangirl wrote on 2021-10-02 00:04:38
We recently moved to San Diego and would like meet other couples to hang out with . Thanks

  Ac92 wrote on 2021-11-08 16:29:00
Would love to meet you all, here is my email Lets connect and hang out!

  Vidhiseem wrote on 2021-12-01 01:10:39
Hello we have recently moved from Dallas and we are in our 30s and have a 8 year old. We would love to meet everyone here. We live in rancho Bernardo. Iím originally from Delhi and my husband from Bangalore. If you have any group, please add us.


  SaiD222 wrote on 2021-12-12 16:38:24
Hi, we are a couple looking for folks to hang out with and would love to connect with you. We live near Torrey Hills.

Looking forward to your response!


  Swethaguna273 wrote on 2022-03-01 00:19:28
Hi Gopi and shruthi.
e and my husband are also new to SD. We would like to meet new people and make good friends. Please let me know if there is any WhatsApp group.

My email is

Swetha and Tarun

  gupta20 wrote on 2022-03-24 16:52:51
we are new too - would love to meet
please email us at

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