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Advertise on San Diego Desi ( is San Diego's most comprehensive online Indian community. It's the best place on the web for information and news about the Asian-Indian community in this area. features a wide-ranging selection of original information and services you can't find anywhere else.

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Audience and Usage
    San Diego is an extremely Web-savvy city consistently ranked as one of the top ten most wired markets. Source: Nielsen/NetRatings, April 2001

    "Indians who come here are highly qualified to work in the computer or wireless or biotechnology fields," said Madhu Madhavan, a San Diego State University professor. "They average 17 to 18 years of education, with a master's or Ph.D."

    In 2000, 249,802 people said they were "Asians only," accounting for 8.9 percent of the county's 2.8 million population, far exceeding the 184,596 Asians counted in 1990....In the Asian community, the biggest increase occurred among Asian Indians, lured to San Diego by the booming high-tech industry even as dot-coms founder and the price of homes rockets beyond the reach of many.

    Census data show Asian Indians doubling in number over the past decade, to 10,148 from 5,039 in 1990.Source: By Angela Lau (UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER); complete article can be found at :

Who is using Here's an overview of our Audience.
This data is based on the information submitted by our users.

Occupation Total % Male Female
academic/educator 3% 80% 20%
college/graduate student 12% 71% 29%
computer technical/engineering 35% 90% 10%
executive/managerial 9% 57% 43%
homemaker 5% - 100%
K-12 student 1% 50% 50%
other 12% 37% 63%
other technical/engineering 2% 100% -
professional (doctor, lawyer, etc.) 8% 62% 38%
retired 1% 50% 50%
sales/marketing 1% - 100%
self-employed/own company 3% 60% 40%
service/customer support 2% 67% 33%
tradesman/craftsman 2% 100% -
unemployed, looking for work 4% 50% 50%

Content and Features
    San Diego Asian-Indian internet users overwhelmingly choose for:

    Yellow Pages
    • Listing to Indian Businesses in San Diego
    • Listing to Businesses serving Asian-Indian population in San Diego
    • Special coupons, discount available only through

    • Jobs - find San Diego job candidates looking for new opportunities
    • Homes - reach San Diegans in the market for new homes and property
    • Cars - connect with San Diegans researching new and used vehicle purchases
    • Sell your Indian "stuff" to other Indians living near you.

    Indian Events happening in San Diego.
    • Classical events - Listing of Indian classical events in and around San Diego
    • Cultural events - Events organized by organizations & individuals.
    • Student events - Events organized by students from various universities in San Diego
    • Other - All other events which attract Asian-Indian population.

    Discussion Board.
    • Discussion boards arranged by topic.
    • Follow-up threads & easy navigation
    • Separate boards for students.

    • Free publishing of Articles, short-stories, poems etc.
    • A targeted-audience for the writers.
    • Photo contributions.

Traffic / Analytics stats are available from 2005 and are provided upon request. has been online since 2003 - and have thousands of families registered as members.

Older versions of our website is archived here - dating back to 2003 -*/

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