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Lord Protector (vishnu) Needs Protection For His Assets In San Diego
Category posted in Other/General
Posted by: sivavishnu
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  sivavishnu wrote on 2014-03-10 21:06:34
Over the years the Vedic Cultural and Spiritual center of San Diego popularly known as Siva Vishnu Temple of San Diego has provided a great service to our community in San Diego.

It is a long standing wish and desire of many, including members of the Administrative Committee, Board of Directors, Trustees and devotees to build a larger and permanent facility for the temple which is in a leased facility currently. Over the years substantial funds (close to a million) were raised but not enough to make the move yet.

Recently a proposal was made and a hasty decision to move the facility to another leased commercial location, namely next to a grocery store on Miramar road. The move would require spending more money on the lease and also dipping into the funds raised to build the permanent temple. It is my understanding that this move will basically cost all of the funds raised so far and empty the coffers and most possibly make it impossible to ever have a permanent facility.

The motivation to indulge in such a path seems to be financial gain of certain parties involved. It is sad that no matter where we (Indians) go and what we do, we do not seem to be able to overcome our greed and selfishness. Looks like selling a few more bags of groceries and a couple more bucks in the pocket trump service of god to many. Some people seem to have made an unholy deal with vested interests to splurge the funds collected in the name of god and profiteer. I hope they see the light and correct their ways. Until then devotees and donors will have to be more cautious how their donations are going to be used.

  samy wrote on 2014-03-14 12:36:21

I understand what you are saying but he who protects all does not need protection. Without His Will, even a blade of grass does not move then how can anybody move Him. Just watch His lila (play) and enjoy.

Ask this question: Who is moving whom? And where? Isn't He everywhere?

There's a lot to religion and spirituality than idols, temples and books.

  casdrs00 wrote on 2014-03-25 09:36:38
@sivavishnu raises good points. I wonder if he/she has attempted to reach the board members or trustees to get answers.

If not, can he/she find official information and update us all? This includes:
- What does the move cost?
- How is it being funded?
- What is happening to all the money that has been raised so far for building a permanent structure?
- Who is benefitting financially from this move?

Especially the last question would be of interest to the board, the trustees and the community. I am sure that the board and trustees will be willing to meet with him/her to listen to his concerns and also evidence of financial shenanigans.

  SK-SD wrote on 2014-05-11 19:34:22
If you really care and sincere about it please talk to some one connected with the temple and ask questions. Like any other community organizations most volunteers are decent and sincere about what they do.

I will be happy to share what I know. Can't gossip about it without knowing who you are.
Ask for it and I will give you my personal phone number.


  SK-SD wrote on 2014-05-11 19:49:07
Please visit and you may find what you are looking for.

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