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Any Tamil Speaking Friends??
Category posted in Family
Posted by: luckyA
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  luckyA wrote on 2012-06-07 15:41:33

We are planning to form a small group of tamil speaking friends in San Diego.
We have weekly potlucks, outings and get-togethers.

Please email at

Do join us!!

  Amy wrote on 2012-06-21 10:23:11
I am Preetham from Chennai and live in Del Sur. idea sounds good :)

  luckyA wrote on 2012-06-23 18:03:49
Hi Preetham

You are welcome to join us. We and couple of new san diego desi friends planned to meet this week for a cup of coffee.

You can email for details.

  aruvi6384 wrote on 2012-07-31 14:09:34

I'm Tamil Aruvi and lives in Vista. I like to join ...

  luckyA wrote on 2012-08-02 12:24:17
Hi Tamil Aruvi

Email me at ;)

  caligirl26 wrote on 2012-09-13 01:16:13
This might sound weird but I never believed when others said that Tamilians dont like to mix with others...they speak in Tamil in groups irrespective of the few who dont understand the language. Now I can actually see!!!!
Why not be friends with anyone no matter what language they speak?????

  aruvi6384 wrote on 2012-09-13 11:11:18
Everyone has different opinion and we dont want to reply publicly to your first line.

Whatever you heard might be true and applied to all people tamil/telugu/kanada or hindi irrespectively.

This is truth and everyone has to accept it!!!

  aruvi6384 wrote on 2012-09-13 11:13:02
Moreover I need your email id to clarify your doubt, if you wish to get clerified. Here is mine

  caligirl26 wrote on 2012-09-13 12:25:16
I am sorry to disappoint you, but just because you say something is true does not make it the truth. I have experienced this kind of behavior from 90% of the Tamilians aross various offices and places that I have been in . So have my friends and even people new to me have told me so. And the surprising part is that this behavior is exhibited by tamilians more than any other language groups. I dont want to be clarified by you. Thanks....

  caligirl26 wrote on 2012-09-13 12:27:35
And instead of saying that "we do speak in Tamil but we dont mind mixing and making friends with anyone".. you chose to accept the allegation!!!!!
How weird is that.. !!! God bless you.....

  luckyA wrote on 2012-09-13 19:44:19
aruvi6384: My friend, don't waste your breath on people who don't want to make an effort to comprehend others.

Its easy to teach a person who wants to learn not to someone with limited brainpower.

  luckyA wrote on 2012-09-13 20:03:08
caligirl26: I find it hard to believe that you are a professional as your judgement and thoughts are outrageously old school. Please grow up and also do some counselling. I think you have major complex with Tamilians.

I can understand from how you posted your thoughts on a topic which is no way related to you.

I pity you and feel sorry for you. If you think by passing rude comments or poor judgement; you are relating something. Please its high time to see a psychologist.

On your doubts; re-read what my friend aruvi6348 has replied earlier. The mother tongue is one in which a man is born in. A manís native speech is almost like his shadow, inseparable from his personality no matter what ethnicity he is from.

If you find that hard; ask them to talk to you in English; don't blame.

Don't waste my time by replying.

  sandiego_local wrote on 2012-09-14 01:54:46

Just so you know I dont speak Tamil but I do respect and love all Indian languages

Probably you do or dont, I cannot comment on that but I am not sure why do you have a problem if someone wants to form a small community who speak a particular Indian language. What is wrong in that?

Your question "Why not be friends with anyone no matter what language they speak????? "

How do you know they are NOT freinds with non Tamilians.
Dont jump to conclusions.....Should I complain why does Caligirl has more Indian friends rather than any Friends (Indian or Non Indian).

If you dont like a community, keep it to yourself but dont bring all the negativity in this forum for that community.

With your kind of reasoning, You are linking a totally different issue with this

Your point is understandable if you are interacting with a group of people who all understand one common language such as English or Hindi and one of them starts rattling off in his/her own dialect forever. But that point has nothing to do with if someone is trying to form their own community (with some commonality) and you should respect that.

You made a very judgmental comment about Tamilian behavior.
Going by your own logic, here is how people with your type of mentality can judge you

"Caligirl is one of those typical web forum abusers trying to always pick a fight between South and North Indians( May be she is a North Indian and if so such type of behavior is exhibited by North Indians more than anyone else?"

Or may be "The hatred is because Caligirl's ex-boyfriend was a Tamilian"

Or may be "Caligirl is desperate to get into some community and lost her mind"

My humble request, stop judging and ridiculing people and if you cannot then yes you may need professional help and am sure one of these awesome Tamilian people will be happy to recommend someone

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