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Moving To San Diego-Please Help Find Good Community
Category posted in Family
Posted by: shyrai
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  shyrai wrote on 2012-04-03 10:53:19
Dear All,

We're planning to move to San Diego within a Month and require your valuable inputs. I'll be working at Qualcomm. I've verified the posts but couldn't get complete information. Please help with the below:

1. Near by Indian communities (I mean where Indians live in majority) from Qualcomm

2. I've 7 yr old daughter and really looking for good school district. Of course, I heard Poway is the best but not sure on the commute to Qualcomm and Indian community. Please suggest on the Indian Community plus good school district.

3. Though this is not a big concern compared to the above, just an additional input. If possible please let me know what the commute like from the place/s suggested.

If you know any such places and there are vacant apartment/condo (2 bed/2 bath), please do let me know.

Thanks a ton in advance and really appreciate your time.


  disha1984 wrote on 2012-04-03 14:22:13
Hi! Welcome to San Diego! Most desis who work in Qualcomm prefer to live in Gables Summerset Apartment complex. 2bed/2baths are available here. Its just a mile or two away from Qualcomm. My husband works for a company that's right next to Qualcomm. We live in Gables Summerset too. The apartments are a little old but the short commute to work more than makes up for it. Not sure about the school district situation though.

   wrote on 2012-04-03 16:57:05
Hi, thanks so much for the response. I'll wait to hear if anybody can throw some light on school district in this area.

  LeoDesi wrote on 2012-04-03 18:38:09
Check google maps for some commute and check apartments and go based on your budget etc. SD housing is a bit expensive and the weather varies within few miles. If you like nice and a bit chill weather close to coast is good.

  shyrai wrote on 2012-04-03 19:08:31
@LeoDesi: Thanks, I'm certainly checking the maps and apartments. However, I'm trying to understand more from the 'seen it' folks. There is always some gap on what you find over the internet Vs the actual experience.

Further, I would also like to udnerstand the quality of schools from the parents perspective.

Thanks on the input from weather front. That certaily helps.

  sd2012 wrote on 2012-04-03 21:28:59
Hi Shyrai,
Welcome to SD. We also searched lots of apartments while moving to SD. We hired a retailer who could find apartments and show us . It hardly helped, but yes as a parent I would suggest looking for good school district, which is certainly Poway. Although I live in La Jolla Crossroads. My daughter is 3 yrs old so school was not that big issue for us. We decided to live here and see and I think you can have best idea only when you live here for sometime and experience the place. And in your case, I think Poway would be a good option as long as schooling is concerned !! Hope it helps..

  shyrai wrote on 2012-04-03 22:08:35
Hi SD2012,

Thank you so much. Your feedback on school district is of immense help. I'm sorry to bother you but do you know if the Indian population is considerable in Poway? If not, can you suggest the next best school district that has good density of Indian population. Thanks a ton for all the feedback.


  sd2012 wrote on 2012-04-04 13:21:18
There is considerable population in poway. Another area with comparable and hopefully better school district, as told to us by the retailer, is carmel valley. Don't know about indian population though..

  ucsd wrote on 2012-04-04 14:08:02
Hello, Congrats for your assignment in SD & Welcome.
I am sure Poway has relatively greater # of desi population. And Like sd2012 said not sure of the desi population elsewhere including carmel. But as far as I know carmel valley (zip code 92130) has the best schools. I have been looking for similar information because I have an infant and looking to move to the best schoool district. I hear Poway district is good but you need to look which school particulary people are referring to because its a big school district. All I could gather albeit my extensive search that 'poway school district' is good. But I consiostently hear about the carmel valley schools (carmel creek, carmel del mar , oceanair etc....are good). Anyone else please provide your feedback should you feel otherwise.

  LeoDesi wrote on 2012-04-04 16:44:38
We live in Carmel Valley area (no kids), and I see few Desi folks here and there. But, I heard Delmar Unified District and Poway Unified Districts are very good.

  shyrai wrote on 2012-04-04 19:44:03
Thank you all. It's really nice to see responses.

Since majority have suggested the Poway based on the quality of schooling, I'm surely leaning to Poway area.

Okay Friends, here is my action plan for now unless you suggest otherwise:

I'll start shortlisting apartments/condos/townhomes in Poway area and I'll have Carmel valley as fall-back option. Then I'll make a visit to SD sometime 3rd week of this Month visiting all the shortlisted places and choose one. Sounds that simple but I know it's not really :-(

I'll keep you posted. Please let me know if you have any further suggestions. Really appreciate all the time you've spent helping me out.

  Shilpa03 wrote on 2012-06-25 11:19:51
Hi Shyrai,

I hope you have settled in SD by now. We are planning to move there soon. And we have 7 & 9 year old kids. Looks for a good school districs and good community to live. Could you share your research with me and where have you finally settled in? What schools are you sending your children to. Please help me here..


  shyrai wrote on 2012-06-27 18:46:22
Hello Shilpa,

At the outset, sorry for the delay in response. Yes, I can fairly say we've settled down:-)

As most of the folks suggesed in this thread, Poway is the best school district. However, there are other school districts whcih are good too.

I went ahead with Poway school district though. My major focus was on a nice community which is walkable to a elementary school. I've spent almost two days searching for such community and finally closed on in La Terraza on Poblado Road which is north of San Diego. I like the community but yet to experience it as it is only three weeks so far.

There is a school called Westwood Elementary which is actually 2min walk from the community. We've taken the admission for my daughter there.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to shoot any questions/additional information you may want to seek.

All the best on the move and I'm sure you like San Diego.


  cvk12 wrote on 2012-07-01 19:59:14
hello Shyrai,

I am also recently moved to San Diego, working in Qualcomm, my daughter is going to 5th grade,I inquired your apt mgmt, they said availability of 1bhk from 1st of august,how is the Indian community in the apt complex? I wanted to rent the apt from 1st august, Pl share your feedback about the apt

  shyrai wrote on 2012-07-02 19:37:02
Hello CVK,

The community is good with considerable Indian density. I would say more than considerable.

Again, it's been just a month for me and we haven't made any friends here yet. However, what I've seen so far, excepting one incident, I believe this is nice community to live. For your information, recently there was one incident where somebody broke one of my neighbour's car. As per that neighbour, they've been living in this community for sometime and they never heard of such incident. Hoping this is one off incident, rest seems perfect so far.

If you're preferring this community just for school, please consider that the school near by is an elementary. Next year, you still have to look for another school as your daughter moves to 6th grade. I'm sure you might have considered this but just thought to mention.

Hope this helps. If you want to talk in detail, please drop in an email with your phone number at and confirm the same in this thread. I don't check that email id so often.


  pceeba wrote on 2012-08-04 13:53:34
hi shyrai!!
we r moving to san di ego next week i have a 6 and half yr old daughter .my husband works for petco near qualcom in sandiego.u'r information on this thread is of great help for me.
i need to talk in detail with u.i'll mail acroos to u today.if u get a chance look at it.

  sddude wrote on 2012-08-05 10:04:27
Guys use this as reference point for schools

I have a 7 year old and 3 yr old and I just moved last month and ended up in Sabre Springs area.

keep in mind it takes 3-4 minutes a mile going to Quallcomm in Busy Hour.

Feed free to email at IF i can be of any more help.

  Bhavana wrote on 2012-08-23 13:18:36
We moved to SD some time back as well. Poway unified is very good with a lot of programs still intact. We also looked at carmel valley but commute on both 5 and 56 is unpleasant vs. 15. Rancho Penasquitos is a nice,convenient community with PUSD schools and highway proximity.
We liked Scripps Ranch too as it is close to San diego-but it has SDUnion schools with funding cuts and some year round schools,which might have been ok, but never have tried it, was like, why fix it it is ain't broken-anyhow....

On another note, Since you work at Q, I have heard that people can get Indian Tiffins there. Is there any group or phone number where tiffinwalas can be contacted?
Your response will be appreciated.

  bkravi wrote on 2012-09-11 13:15:16
A Calendar to think about time.

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