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Why People Leave India?
Category posted in Other/General
Posted by: Desinew
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  Desinew wrote on 2009-07-27 17:00:49
It is a matter to think that why people choose to leave India when it is growing , flourishing. The major thing I observed is the corruption, no honour for talent, no proper decisions and injustice at the hands of bureaucrats and the politicians.

What do you think? Reply with your experience and methods adopted by you to improve the system in India. Did you succed.
By Dr. Parvin

  hyderabadi wrote on 2009-07-28 02:22:02
Its an interesting topic - I think there are too many variables involved in this subject - one could write a PhD thesis...

my 2 cents: I think you made a very general statement about Indian growing & flourishing - what exactly is india flourishing at? - we are nothing but modern-day servants to a first-world country/countries - we serve their needs - by writing applications, providing customer service, doing medical transcription etc..

Consider this: Should America or western Europe / Australia etc decided they no longer need our services - we will wiped out of the map -instantly.

A first world country -is one that is being "served" - they are at the table - dining, laughing, telling jokes, having a merry time - we are in the kitchen preparing & serving their food.

Until India works on establishing its own infrastructure -be it IT, transportation, supporting local-business development/entrepreneurship - services & products for Indians - which in turn provide jobs that serve indians - the current economy is now a borrowed economy.

One only needs to glimpse through history from ancient Babylonian times to roman empire to British era - and even modern-day imperialism by western society - they all cater to THEIR CITIZENS - they import more than they export (with exception to japan)-that is a sign of a first-world country.

India exports its talent, resources and imports junk like Hollywood-hypes, sexual-promiscuity etc..

That needs to change for India to TRULY prosper and raise in absolute status (as opposed to a relative status -oh! yeah we are economically better than Pakistan & Mongolia - that's no reason to celebrate)

And as for NRI's moving back to India - some of us would - others think about prospects for their children - which to be honest are not many - I know a cousin of mine complained that when in india - her kid's drawing were considered as "Pichi gethalu" (telugu-loosely translated - random lines) - here they nourished her talent and encouraged it - in india talent is thrown out the window.

Anyways, I could go on & on - I think India needs to start serving its own people First -and second establish and retain "law & order" - equality -whether you are a teacher's son or a MP's son - and programs to bring out (not only exceptional talent) all kinds of talents from kids and make a better future of entreprenuers, artists, non-profit workers - where money is not the end-goal of the game - but the pursuit of happiness.

As they say here - life, liberty & pursuit of happiness - in India it seems like we pursue career, money & status....

That's my take.

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