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Is this website of any value to you?
Category posted in Other/General
Posted by: sddesi
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  sddesi wrote on 2009-05-21 17:02:23
Ok People! - we need to know!!

Is this website - of any value to you? - does it help you - enhance your life in san diego?

We really need to know - as we considering whether to keep this alive or shut it down.

So obviously encouragement is welcome - but we also welcome critical arguments of how the website itself can be enhanced.

If you don't have an opinion - but heard one - somewhere - share that too.

So go ahead - give us a piece of your mind.

Thank you,
sddesi team!

  ca120 wrote on 2009-07-17 00:14:24
Kudos to the guys who took the initiative of starting this site....!!
Going thru this site u feel that u r in mini-India where people of all religions and culture are trying to come together and form one big chain where we all r INDIANS trying to help and guide each videsh...!!
Way to go guys and 3 cheers to all of you!!

A small suggestion maybe we can help each other on job related opportunities in various fields if possible.
We should make this network stronger if possible.

  sddesi wrote on 2009-07-17 17:52:24
Thank you!! - ca120 - appreciate your feedback.

Frankly, we were disappointed when nobody answered this question - everybody seemed to be busy talking about being a punjabi or telugu/tamil etc..

Everybody wants to communicate using this platform -but nobody wants to acknowledge it - I suppose thats being a typical desi?...

Anyways, as our appreciation - we would like to offer you a free-lunch coupon for punjabi tandoor - you will receive the details of this offer in your registered email soon...

And to others who might be reading - please take time to write about this website- constructive critism is welcome - and not to forget applaud is ALWAYS welcome.

Thanks for your time.

  coral_bay wrote on 2009-07-18 10:53:28
:) the mod got a bit pissed off :)

anywayz hez's my 2 cents

i tried to add my pic, and the website kept throwing an error.

as for content on this site, we need to have more events posted in san diego. if there arnt any, lets do some.

useful to me? hmmm... not yet :) hoping it would in future...


  aban wrote on 2009-07-18 11:01:34 rocks! Itís very helpful and informative for every desi in various aspects especially for the people who are new to San Diego. I appreciate your effort and I am sure everyone else does it too.

  hellodesi wrote on 2009-07-18 11:31:48
I am new to this site and do not have any comments yet. I am not sure how many desis are visiting this site. I think there should be a counter put on the site so that we know how many people are visiting the site. People talk that there are no events or we should have more events. I posted Independence party event but so far only got one response. These events are good for meeting people from their own states or culture. I think this is a great platform and we should take advantage of it and appreciate all the efforts put to build this site.

  sddesi wrote on 2009-07-18 12:17:43
ha!ha!..thank you coral_bay for your observation - well, we hope it would be more useful to you in the near future.

Question: do you think you & generally desi's would be interested in non-desi events calendar? -coz, there are tons of events happening in san diego - we will be happy to post them here.

oh! btw, we disabled the pic - bcoz of spammers - but once we have the manual-pic approval in place - you should be able to upload it then - I suppose we need to have a corner for admin to update - site issues -it will be added soon...

Thank you! aban - appreciate you postive feedback - its always good to hear that.

And we hear you hellodesi - sometimes it takes a while to get replies....thanks for your patience.

That said. please don't let this be the last message - keep sending your suggestions - as silly as they might seem - you never know - what really works - unless you try.

And we are more than willing to add more sections - if we have enough encouragement from the community....

  techno wrote on 2009-07-21 14:00:07

Although I visit this website occasionally, i definitely feel its beneficial and of great use. I use it to find out various events going on around the area. When i first moved to san diego, i used this website to search for apartments and to get a brief idea of things around san diego. i was able to connect with quite a few people who offered there valuable suggestions on places to stay/eat. I even found a cricket group :). Places like Dallas/Austin and others all have their online desi website like eknazar. sandiegodesi acts as a similar and a better platform for desi junta in san diego. So, please keep it alive and going :). thanks.

  TheSingleLife wrote on 2009-07-23 20:31:23
Thanks for running this website - I visit frequently to check out the activities & classifieds - hope to see more entries under the Coffeehouse & Fun categories..

  Ram_UCSD wrote on 2009-07-26 21:09:02
I recently joined this website and will be moving to San Diego in a week. I find it quite informative and would like to add one suggestion.

Is it possible for you to create activity based sub-groups for people to join? For example, a Tennis group, Hiking Group, Road Trip group, Cinemas, etc. just to name a few that I'd be interested in.

The current "desi singles" or "desi couples" or "desi students" seems to be TOO generic.. If people who share a common interest belong to a group, I'd anticipate greater involvement.

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