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Why dont we have good desi events in san diego?
Category posted in Fun
Posted by: vatsi
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  vatsi wrote on 2009-05-02 22:29:06
Is it because nobody is interested? ...

If there are any, where can i know about them?...

What kind of events are you interested in?...

  hyderabadi wrote on 2009-05-03 09:31:51
good question...I will agree that with your analysis - and will also add - that there aren't as many events for our community as they should be - considering that we have ballooned in population in san diego - for the last 5 years.

there are some good ones - but they are usually ANNUAL events - like diwali/ugadi (for andhra folks) etc..

I recently saw some events on this site - for local theatre (drama) - that's great - I think somebody who is established could find this to be a perfect opportunity to do business - they can start a local desi entertainment company - open a small theater - and have regular events - such as:

1. Stand up comedy
2. drama - even re-enacting scenes from old movies - or compiling them together etc
3. Maybe an quarterly walk - for a good cause - could raise money for an social cause in india
4. A proper Art gallery/museum - would be good to take our kids (who are born here & losing touch with india & its rich heritage)
5. our own local "america-desi idol" type of music contest
6. Maybe a monthly - "desi farmer's market" - where we gather stuff we bought from india & sell it on a weekend to locals - they find indian items to be exotic.
7. even a local chai shop - just chai shop - like where I come from - in hyderabad - we have these iranian chai shops - where we meet - have chai/samosa - chit-chat & leave - no groceries, movie rentals - nothing just chai.

There are lot of fun activities - we can do - we put our brains together & most importantly co-operate with each other - that's the key - ofcourse for that we need to let someone lead & keep our egos checked.

anyways, thats my 2 cents.

if you are looking for local san diego events - check out the weekly calendar at:

  desi7021 wrote on 2009-05-30 20:18:06
We moved to San Diego recently from a much smaller town with Indian population of fraction of what we have in San Diego. We were able to bring Bollywood entertainers concerts,had annual Tatse of India function with participation of the local community and raised considerable funds, Miss India USA contest,etc,etc. I believe the reason we do not have activities in San Diego because we lack an organization such as Indian Assotiation of San Diego. I am not sure if we have such an assotiation here and if we do it is not visible or inactive.

  b-ther4u wrote on 2009-06-14 00:19:18
I agree that there are very few events and it sure depends on people in community that want to connect, contribute, socialise with each other. I also find that any event if there is one, is always received with great response, gets overpacked with audience, be it Diwali get-to near Black mountain or night club on beach front.

I do hope to see more walk events, fairs, beach gathering, etc

  desiwedding wrote on 2009-06-14 14:55:52
I guess I am hoping that our International Wedding Festival (bridal show) will be good. We are taking the show on the road this year and SD is on the tour map.

Not sure how best to get the word out in the Indian community though besides this board.

We are working with SET Asia, but is Zee more the popular network in SD? The entertainment and fashions will be great. Just getting the word out is my challenge.

  singalashok wrote on 2009-08-11 18:33:13
I agree with the fact that we lack an Indian association in San Diego which could organize frequent social events to get people involved. I think we should seriously think about it. If you guys are interested we can meet some time and can brainstorm about it.

Please let me know.


  hellodesi wrote on 2009-08-12 00:52:03
I posted an event a month back i.e. Independence day celebration on San Diego Bay on a luxury yacht. I have only got two emails so far. I am planing to organize regular events for desis in San Diego. But if we do not get response then how one can organize anything. I have not got any response from all these people who are complaining again and again. Let me see the response and I can provide you all whatever you want.

  sddesi wrote on 2009-08-12 10:38:39
We believe one of the reasons - out of many that exist - is that desi's around san diego -don't know much about this website & its free services like this board, classifieds, events calendar etc...

We are trying our best to post - posters around the town in places like surati farsan etc...

However, the best marketing is done by word-of-mouth - so PLEASE tell your friends/family/co-workers about this site -here are a few ways to do it:

  • if you wish to post flyers around your office-bulletin board -please contact us- we will gladly send you material.
  • If u wish to receive the flyer in a soft-copy/email format- we can do that too.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

  hellodesi wrote on 2009-08-12 11:05:50
I am not complaining about the site. I am just trying to ask the people who are complaining again and again that why we do not have any events in San Diego for Desis. None of the complaining person showed interest in Independence day event. Let us stop complaining and do something fruitful for the community. Feel free to email me:

  socaldesi wrote on 2009-08-15 02:06:36
I agree with hellodesi. we must join forces and create a strong Indian community here..

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