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By: archana kapani
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First God created the Donkey and said to him:
? You will be a donkey. You will work un-tiringly from sun rise to sun set carrying burdens on your back. You will eat grass and you will have no intelligence and you will live 50 years.?
The donkey answered :
I will be a donkey, but live 50 years is too much. Please give me only 20 years.
God granted his wish.

Next God created the Dog and said to him:
? You will guard the house of man. You will be his best friend. You will eat the scraps that he gives you and you will live 30 years. You will be a dog.?
The dog answered:
To be live 30 years is too much, give me only 15 years.
God granted his wish.

Then God created the Monkey and said to him:
? You will be a monkey. You will swing from branch to branch doing tricks. You will be amusing and you will live 20 years.?
The monkey answered:
To live 20 years is too much, give me only 10 years.
God granted his wish.

Finally God created Man and said to him:
? You will be a Man, the only rational creature on earth. You will be use your intelligence to become master over all the animals. You will dominate the world and you will live 20 years.?
Man responded:
Sir, I will be a man but to live only 20 years is very little. Please give me the 30 years that donkey refused, the 15 years that the dog do not want and the 10 years the monkey refused.
God granted Man?s wish.

And since then, man lives 20 years as a man, marries and spend 30 years like a donkey working and carrying all the burdens on his back..
Then when his children are grown, he lives 15 years like a dog taking care of the house and eating whatever is given to him.
When he is old, he retires and live 10 years like a monkey going from home to home , from one son or daughter to another doing tricks to amuse his grand children.



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