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Do You Know Some Facts....
By: archanaa
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Kindly read now ......
* The population of INDIA is 100 crores.
* But do you know the facts..
*19 crores are retired .
*That leaves 81 crores to do the work .
*There are 25 crores in school.
*Which leaves 56 crores to do the work.
*Out of this 22 crores are employed by the Central Government.
(As you know the Govt.employees don't believe in working)
*Leaving 34 crores to do the work.
*4 crores are in Armed Forces.
*Leaving 30 crores to do the work.
*Take out total 20 crores who are working with state government.
( They also don't work)
*That leaves 10 crores to do the work.
*Total unemployed are 8 crores.
*That leaves 2 crores to do the work.
*At any given time there are 1.2 crores are in the hospitals.
*Leaving 80,00,000 to do the work.
*At present there are 79,99,998 people are in prisons.
*That leaves only 2 people to do the work.
* That is you & me.
* And currently you are reading.
*So I am the only person in the country who is working.
*Now let us start doing our constructive job so that our great nation can become super power


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