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Christmas Utsav
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What's your flavor?
By: Swati Srivastava
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It starts off with coffee- perhaps a latte or a cappuccino or just your regular black kind and it ends with Jay Leno or Letterman or if you are the risky type, maybe even Howard Stern. But it?s what one does in the middle of the day that seems to count the most- the choices that we make during those 16 hours or more are what make a difference. How are you making those choices? Train or the car to work? Stairs or elevator? Lunch alone or with the claustrophobic co-worker? Visiting a new Desi site or revisiting old favorites? The choice belongs to us- one not being superior to the other, but yet being related in that the consequences of not just that day but the ones to come depend on these selections.

The Desi community leads a vibrant and often more arduous life than our American counterparts, as not only have we to maintain our professional careers but also the many aspects of the personal one too. Identity crisis eventually creeps its way into the stream and sticks like algae to the flow of our life. Amongst such chaos it becomes hard, even near impossible to reach out and try new things- experiments that have no full guarantee of working. And yet, experiment we must. For the key to success lies in innovation. proves to be one such innovation with a deep connection to our past and demands a very prominent presence in our present for a better future. It deserves to be heard, to at least make its case, to have it?s say in what it considers to be important in our lives. It may be wrong. But more importantly it may be right. It could bring us one step closer to our Desi community, to others, to ourselves. Is it that hard these days to take ten minutes off to reply to an interesting post? Are we that self-absorbed that we cannot explore the possibilities offered to us by our fellow citizens? Can we not spare a few moments in those 16 hours to glance over an ad, laugh at a joke, criticize a movie? That choice is for you to make. But remember the lattes and the Lenos will come and go- it?s choosing the path less ordinarily taken that will make your day a one to remember.


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